We've got groupies following us, but they don't want to chat

We managed to scare off the first group of people who watched us break into the Professor's house by shooting one of them, but they clearly outgun us.  And they aren't in a talking mood.  They continue to trail us without being very well seen...but we holed up in a school for the night and hopefully resurrected one of the golf carts.  We can hopefully spot them now that we have PRIS goggles, and maybe we can outrun them.  Next time, we make a break for it!

October 30, 2016

We are on the one remaining floating city-state on Kawa, Oren.  We went to the Professor’s place and found some information…and found that someone, or something, is tracking us.

We do have some information about the Hoop including information about another artifact that it was used with.  We aren’t sure if the Megusack was the only item used with the Hoop; “Megusack” is a name only a couple hundred years old. 

Bob tucks his gun under the window, holds his light up, and takes a peek – what’s out there?  Spot nat 20 – there’s a guy with a multi-spectrum binocular and carrying a laser rifle.  He’s got advanced tactical gear…he *was* looking up the street, but now he’s looking at Bob.  He lowers his gun and pulls something off his belt…init!

Dude lobs something towards Bob, missing poorly – or so it appears.  It gets near its apex and bursts...it erupts with a huge cloud of smoke, flash, and sound.  He fails his save and will be at -4 for anything to do with his vision. 

Bob tries to return fire and misses.

Osler:  Everything ok?

Bob:  There’s a guy with a laser rifle here!

Osler starts to make his way back, running through boulevard between the lanes and taking some cover.  He uses his flashlight.  Jina tries to go through the yards and can’t move as quickly. 

Another flash-bang lands in the road near Osler.  Jina is ok; Osler’s sight and hearing will be obscured for a round.  Sellie runs upstairs to look at what’s going on.  He spots Jina and Osler, and knows where Lucas is.  He can’t see the professor’s house from here.  Unfortunately he doesn’t see anyone *else*. 

Bob watches the enemy turn to run up the street.  He notices the guy duck into a golf cart…can he bluff this guy out? 

Bob:  He took cover under the blue golf cart on the edge of my light.  Try to get him somewhere we can grab him. 

Us:  What light?

Osler will need a full move action just to get to the house.  And, he doesn’t know which street.  He dashes behind a cart and hides.  He turns off his headlight, turns on his IR goggles, and spots Bob’s target. 

Lucas knows which way to look but doesn’t spot anything in particular.  He runs halfway towards Osler and ducks behind a car.  Spot?  Nothing noticeable. 

Jina runs through the yards and shouts, “Hold up, we can talk about this – we don’t want any trouble.”

There is no response. 

Jina:  Don’t be afraid to talk to them, Osler.

O:  They’re going to run – doesn’t look like they’re trying to kill us.

Sellie opens the window and looks around without his headlamp. 

O:  Hey, I’d like to talk!

Bob notices the guy in the cart look over towards the light and aim the laser rifle towards him…then he fires!  The laser flashes into the wall next to him…he rolls out of the cart and starts to run.

Bob shoots into the 2nd increment.  He hits for no lifeblood. 

B:  He shot me with his laser! 

O:  Hold your fire!  I just want to talk! 

Osler doesn’t spot the other guy. 

Lucas can’t spot the other guy either.  He readies.

Jina keeps moving and calls out, “Put down that laser rifle and we can talk about this like civilized Humaniti!  There’s plenty down here for everyone; we can share!”

No response.  She ducks behind a car.

Sellie, Osler, and Lucas get spot checks – Sellie sees a door across the street open up, and someone goes inside.  Sellie watches and prepares his gun.

Bob watches the guy with the laser rifle go into the street and run.  He slung his rifle as he went…and he’s had that rifle a long time.  Not the first time he’s run with a gun.  It also looks like someone decided to just cut and run – he’s running a risk to run in the middle of the road. 

Bob:  I lost mine…I’ll keep an eye out, but looks like he’s running for the hills.  Let me know if you need help.

Osler’s overtures of friendship have been unrequited. 

Jina:  If you got this building, Bob…

She runs back down the boulevard towards the other house.

 Bob delays.  Lucas keeps watching.

Osler:  Let’s grab our stuff and keep going.

He slows to a walk and starts to collect himself. 

Jina runs up to the building that the guy went into and calls out, “What are you following us for?  It’s creeping me out!”

Listen checks – best is an 18. 

Jina throws the door open…no one shoots at her.  She steps inside.  No signs of anyone in here.  There are footprints heading for the back of the house.  She reports that. 

Jina moves through the house following the footprints – they head out of the house.  There’s no one in the back yard. 

Jina reports the yard’s clear.  On the way out, she notices some art – there’s a portrait on the wall (“a small girl among flowers”) from all the way on the other side of the galaxy…couldn’t hardly be farther away from its home.  If it’s real, it would be anywhere from 250k to 20M credits.  The decanters with dried up liquor residue appear to be cut diamond and are worth 3k. 

We loot these two houses.  Jina spots 40k of assorted Denebian jewelry upstairs.  Looking around, there is a lot of Spinward March stuff here…Domain of Deneb.  It takes us an hour to loot this picture…the cover itself is high TL and sealed, so we have to take bits of the wall.  It looks like there’s a stun field here, and those aren’t even legal anymore. 

Sellie loots the other house and finds a carefully sealed and preserved box.  There are multiple rows of formed velvet covering first imperium war medals.  These were made of precious metal at the very least…and somewhere there will be a collector for this.  First Imperium, BTW, is 20k years ago and the *old* Ziru Sirka. 

Dinner time…next up, Secure Storage.

The guys who chased us are professionals – skilled and good equipment.  We also don’t think these are the guys by the computer room.

We also have a vision problem – they have low-light or pris-vision, and we don’t.  The police may have them, however…we’ll keep our eyes peeled for targets of opportunity and cop cars, but keep moving. 

Osler loans Jina his IR vision goggles because she’s got a better spot check, and we move on.  Because we have the grav sled and our junk we need to head back to the core before going downstairs.  The stairs we find are partially blocked and the doors are torn off, so we have to clear our way.  *something* happened here. 

Next level is light industrial / lower class residential.  At the bottom of the stairs is a police station.  We pry open a garage door and park our junk.  No little cop cars anywhere here.  There is a door into the station that we enter after closing the garage door. 

We look at the signs – Jail/holding, Admin/offices, Swat/tactical.  We go to the last one.  Door is reinforced with a number pad and video screen.  To mechanically defeat this…T: Mech 29 – we break through the wall elsewhere.  As we smash, we go through space drywall and some lockers.  They have numbers and names on them.  This is a locker room that we don’t bother searching…eventually we get to the armory, and the door’s open.  Looks like this room was already looted. 

We search – 26.  We find:

A drawer of military K-bar knives.

A drawer of military kukrees. 

Lots of 300-plus year old small arms ammo.

Bob – any of it gauss?  No.

Some flak jackets, helmets, riot gear, etc.  Stun batons, billy clubs, etc.  The drawer we hope to find optics contains empty boxes and nine Pris-goggles.

We also dig around to find some kind of 7-kg weapon.  It’s an anti-tank rifle.  There are four rounds.  This weapon has recoil.  We take the bullets, but not the gun – we have disabled this weapon without the weight. 

We put on our fancy new PRIS goggles…the rest of us are disoriented and dizzy.  This will pass, of course, but for now…Lucas wears his (no problem); Bob wears his, and the rest of us keep them handy. 

Good looting here.  We head out to a window and look out with our new PRIS goggles. 

We decide to take a little break and either snack, do maintenance, and watch…maybe early on there was a glint of something near the stairs, but it doesn’t come back. 

We head for the Security level with some one keeping an eye on our tail. 

Our best spot is a 24.  Bob spots an IR source and burst of radio behind us.  Something’s in a door behind us. 

The bikes and cart are great but the cart is slowing us down.  We’d need to get a golfcart working…and we could loot some batteries, charge them as we go, then steal a car later. 

10 minutes later, we find a clump of cars and loot the batteries.  We get three usable battery packs.  We should get all three up to 5-10% to check condition, and then we can try to power one up on its own. 

This is a level full of apartment buildings and restaurants and schools.  Eventually we find Duke Reginald Escobar Boland, High School of Humaniti.  It looks like some kind of machine ran through one wall.  It looks like a concrete extrusion machine.  It may be used to lay the pseudo-concrete on some of the higher-class levels.  No rider’s position so it’s computer controlled…so when the Vampire fleet showed up, it attacked.  Main computer is missing and batteries are gone.  This machine may have been disabled by people; this city didn’t fall all at once so it’s not completely littered with dead machines. 

We steal us a cart and move it into the machinery shop in the school…close the door, then start to work…we connect the cart to the car.  We use our tools because the ones in here are all computer-controlled and infected.  Lucas has to chuck the computer in our new cart because it’s infected, but we bypass it. 

Jina finds the electronics shop, which is empty.  She yanks a couple security cameras instead. 

Steve tells us that PRIS goggles/binocs are not good to identify radio emissions.  The radio waves bouncing off of stuff *will* provide an image, though.  They will *not* show radiation sources. 

We cobble the microphones into a handcomp that feed into the earpiece.  Then, we watch.

Watches go – Bob’s watch is quiet.  Sellie’s watch is quiet.  Lucas’s watch is quiet.  On Osler’s watch, he hears whispering outside.  There’s a conversation going on.  He hears the conversation getting louder and louder…he thinks he heard, “Imperium”, “objective”, a chuckle, “like them”.  Then it gets fainter again.

On Jina’s watch, she hears breathing at some point.  No speech, no footsteps – just breathing. 

Someone’s out there…she blocks the door with a blanket, then tries to as quietly as possible pop the inside door open.  Move Silently = 0…she pops the door open.  That seemed to be a lot louder than hoped. 

Most of the rest of the party wakes up.  Bob and Sellie wake up and point their guns at Jina when they spot her cutting the back door open. 

Sellie asks what Jina is doing and when she explains, says that she should have woken someone up.  Osler mentions that *he* heard someone too. 

We pack up and prepare to move after enjoying some glop.  Sellie blesses this vehicle in the name of the Merle the Space Lord and we take off.  Osler and Jina ride in the backwards seats.  Bob tapes his IR flashlight to the dash and drives off we will head to the far side of the city. 

300 XP

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