We got our new ship all fixed up just in time for someone to try to take it from us. Thankfully the engines and maneuvering work just fine.

We were able to fix the ship and get it mostly operable, and in the meantime we went down for one more batch of loot.  Then someone came into system and "offered to help us" and started screaming after us.  We were pretty unsure about their intentions until we saw the black paint scheme and Jolly Roger on the side.  

With a little extra boost from the engines (which managed to hold up), Bob was able to get us into orbit ahead of the pirates and out to the jump point.  7 days later we arrived in Karu system.  So did the surviving original crewmember...who was actually some kind of New Ziru Sirka agent. 

We forgot to discuss the stealth suits that the Vilani had - where did we have those hidden, or did we space 'em? 

December 4, 2016

We have fetched our Geiger counter and are in the departure lounge.  The readings are slightly higher than normal but no big deal.  Looking outside there is still steam rolling out of the plasma discharges.  The airlock below the wings is partially blocked and damaged, but possibly damaged.  The lock shows Code Red – it can’t hold atmo.  It cycles about 2/3 of the way open and then flashes an error code – it’s stuck. 

Geiger readings outside are higher than inside, but still not enough to worry about.  Sellie, Jina, and Lucas head inside.  Bob and Osler find cover (which is easy) and watch inside the station.

The inner airlock also shows codes but opens.  It smells chemically inside and the Emergency lights are on.

Jina:  Hello?

No response.  We head for the cockpit; Jina’s holding her medical kit in the lead.  The missile controls are hanging down in the hallway.  It’s partially crushed and there’s a body below…no pulse, no brain activity, no bleeding anymore.  We can see stone dust around here which suggests the hull may have a hole.  The body is wearing a ship’s suit.    His ID – 4th Imperium Timothy Reeve.

We head for the bridge.

Lucas:  Hello?  Rescue team!

No answer.

In the front the computer screens are showing errors and messages.  Nobody in here.  The comm station is right here.  Lucas tries to cancel the mayday and does. 

We start checking our way back towards the rear of the ship.

Staterooms show only two people’s worth of material.  Back in Engineering, the light is on and the door is sealed.  It says, “Possible contamination”.  However, the foam system went off to seal the reactor. 

Lucas calls into Engineering – Anyone alive back there?  No answer.

The camera inside Engineering shows the reactor covered in foam, and there may be someone lying in the foam or next to it. 

Envo readings show slightly higher radiation but that’s normal.  We open the door and a wave of scorching hot air comes over us.  We see part of each leg is covered in foam…he’s face down.  Jina  checks him…it smells like chemicals and cooking pork in here.  He’s still breathing. 

We extricate him from the foam with the remover…the meat comes off his bones when we pull him out. 

T Medical 21 – the only thing that can keep this guy alive is going to be low berth.  His lungs are probably bad, his oxygenation is bad, his heart is slow, and he’s been badly burned.  One leg is mostly gone and the other one is missing below the knee.  He’s in shock…Slow might save him for an hour, but he needs a real hospital which means Low Berth.  All four of their low berths seem ok. 

Jina and Sellie take our victim and put him into the low berth…we check him and find his ID, laser pistol, and 4th Imperium credits (200 4th imperium hard cred) and cred chip.

Cotter Pez Al – Ship’s engineer for the SS Spirit of Sionoro. 

He’s successfully frozen. 

We have engineering and maintenance logs, landing log (shows this one landed a few days after we arrived) – they were most previously on Karu, but eventually it leads us back to Eddum. 

Lucas checks the computer (T computer 26, T comms 23 – he finds a second transponder code – NZS Blaze of Marco.  It is a full NZS Registration.  This, BTW, is not legal.  The NZS registration looks super legit – there is a megacorp or bureau called the Sharurshid that owns it.  Background that we may have learned – the original Vilani 1st Imperium was in 3 Great bureaus…this is one of the merchant class ships.  In the 2nd and 3rd Imperiums, they were megacorps.  In the 4th Imperium, they are now the 3 branches of government.  Society was also stratified like this (each group was its own caste).  The Solomani broke this.

Crew info – under the Spirit of Sionoro, it says Timothy Reeve owns it (45 year old Vilani male).  One crewmember is Cotter Pez Al, 35 year old Imperial Citizen of Vilani descent. 

Dan asks us to check life support (good idea) – it looks like there are only a crew of two. 

We start searching…we have 9-10 days before our ride gets here. 

A take 20 of this ship is going to take 6-7 hours. 

Jina:  Hang on, I’m going to check the refresher.

For the first time in weeks, she doesn’t poop in a bucket.

We check the ship (30) – carefully hidden NZS credit and NZS ID – Marco Vee.  Field agent in charge, Sharurshid. 

The other occupied room has Agent Kensey Stonington, Sharurshid.  They both have Vilani handcomps.  We find their blackout suits, their Vilani pris goggle, and their weapons.  All of it is top shelf.  We realize that is ship is even pretty new. 

There is almost nothing else of any interest here, which is kind of surprising. 

Bob takes a quick peek at the handcomps – they are looking for a DNA sequence. 

Jina:  Lots of DNA in the other room.

That passes, but now it wants a password.  T Computer 31 – still can’t touch it.  This is government grade encryption…no chance.

Jina:  We’ll have to wait until we find a sim.

Cotter Piz Al = Kensey Stonington.  Timothy Reeve = Marco Vee. 

Osler and Lucas  check the ship – the hypercooling failed, so the reactor sealed itself in case of a crack.  It all looks to have failed like it should have, but the reactor may be cracked.  Probably 20 hours of work to check, then it will have to be fixed.  The upper missile rack is crushed back into the ship.  No idea how dangerous that is or how hard it will be to fix – someone put a few tons of rubble on the ship that will have to get moved first. 

The landing struts were pushed back into the ship and the mounts are broken.  Inner hull is broken. 

The upper and lower airlocks show Damaged.  Ship is on its belly so it’s hard to see into the lower airlock. 

Outer airlock needs 8-9 hours of work.  Still no idea if the hull’s ok or how bad the repulsers are. 

Are we going to fix this, will this get us in trouble with the NZS, or what?  If we’re not giving them their Hoop and want to find a bigger jerk anyway. 

Sellie – someone like Sir Nicholas Delarum is definitely aristocracy  - Mekarud bureau, and not the same group as these people.  That’s reasonable to figure out why they wanted to stop him. 

We need to figure out how to take advantage of the rift between castes.

K Interstellar Law – 24.  Technically, we are in a space where this ship would be handled by treaty.  We could lodge a salvage claim on the ship (although we should not admit we broke it…we *could* claim we came to render aid.  The guy in the low berth could potentially be a problem with our salvage, but if he truly is a Vilani agent here inappropriately, he doesn’t have valid credentials.  We don’t either, but you don’t need as much for a salvage claim. 

If he admits who he is, we go free.  If he clams up, we have a valid claim for the Spirit of Sionoro. 

Lucas – see if we can find more golf carts so we’re all mobile. 

Finish the safe

Get the MW tools from the box we found

Find the print0r.

Work on the ship. 

Steve – interior damage is already 80 man-hours.

Lucas – need to find out if the ship is broken – get the ship cleaned off. 

Send two people to get the second golf cart (by the airlock)…get a third cart running (Lucas). 

Lucas and Jina and Osler look for more golf cards.  Sellie and Bob will go down by the submarines to pick up our old cart and the printer. 

For removing debris, we will need shovels, jackhammers, and huge winches.  Might help to check or use the repulsors. 

With three carts, we won’t have enough Fusion Still to keep them all running.  We’d need the ship’s power running. 

It’s 20 hours of work to get the reactor…10 hours are just cleaning foam. 

They get the cart and our old loot back.  Then we need to start with construction equipment. Search 30 – shovels, jackhammers, compressor, saws, and a big compressor that will need starship power.  Cables and come-alongs, bolts, etc, - all the stuff we need. 

Day 1 – we search and do initial evaluation, and start looking for stuff.

Day 2 – we finish the carts, start reactors, come back with equipment

Day 3 – get to 16 hours on the reactor, and we’re gathering equipment.

Day 4 – reactor is cleaned mid-day and can be reset, but we’re short of fuel.  After re-start, there would only be 20 minutes of flight (which is enough to scoop and convert).  We don’t have a long enough hose yet.  Ship has 90% battery remaining.

Lucas tells us not to let stuff flop around and bang onto the deck here.  Civil Engineering – 25.  He finds us a plan. 

Restarting the reactor – T Engineering 29.  Turns out it’s got a pull-start.  The hypercooling system is fixed, but we’re out of spare fluid.  Looks like a good restart.  Not sure if the fuel processor is ok; the scoops are questionable.  However, with the ship’s engines running we can run the auto-chef and eat protein paste. 

Remaining day 4 – Osler and Lucas go to get masterwork tools, and the rest of us keep digging.   Lucas helps us identify a way to do this safely (without collapsing the platform we’re working from). 

Day 8, we are right to the point of flipping over one of the sides.  Bob’s in the ship.  Sellie and Osler will actually flip over the platform.  Lucas goes into the ship to watch the repulsors.  Jina looks over the edge of the next deck up. 

The winch pulls the slab over and it lands with a crash.  Everything looks ok. 

Bob, to Lucas – you want to short circuit this work?  I’m getting sick of hauling rocks.

Bob starts to power up the engines to just dump the slab into the ocean.  The repulsors are too close to the ground partially plugged, and in amber status - 74% power is available.  Maneuvering thrusters show green…and he fires the sub-lights.  He prepares to slide sideways, balancing the slab on top of the ship, and tries to dump the slab into the ocean.  At 70% power, it starts to groan and take off. 

Sellie and Osler see one landing strut on the ground but the other two are out there.  They’re clear of the edge, so Bob flips the ship around to slip out from under the slab.  (Pilot 36)  Looks pretty awesome from above.  Lucas asks him to deploy the scoop, but it won’t come out.  Bob flies down to the next bay over on the current level.  The ship lands unsteadily on its belly. 

Lucas starts to evaluate the ship – two problems on top of the ship.  First, the hull is in bad shape – upper airlock is wrecked.  The missile defense system was deployed when the ship was struck, so the internal hardpoint is damaged.  The missile rack is unusable.  The missile is crushed.  There are 11 undamaged missiles in the magazine.  If we want the top section to be air-tight, we need to plate over the damage and weld it in. 

Jump drive and sub-lights seem green.  Repulsors are clearly damaged but usable.  Some maneuvering thrusters are damaged so we won’t steer well.  Not sure what the underside of the ship looks like.  The gear probably needs a yard to fix.  One gear strut has poked a hole in the inside hull, but the other holes aren’t a problem. 

We find the repair bay…it will take two more days to get the ship on inflatable blocks and a week to seal the hull.  It still won’t land.  We could get the struts fixed at Karu.  The only thing keeping us here would be an unknown problem with the jump drive. 

Jina:  Before we get too crazy, do we have the money to get this thing fixed?  The more desperate we are, the less we get for our salvage.

We won’t know the legal stuff once we get to Karu.  We definitely have money to get it inspected.  Every scrapper on Karu would pay us something for this…they’d pay for us to dock if we had to sell it. 

Keeping the ship may mean we turn in our resignation, but saving our bacon does get him out of trouble too.

Could Garace tell us thanks for salvaging him a ship?  He could but screwing us might be counterproductive.  We certainly want to use the ship, but we can decide what we do later.

If we’re working anyway, what else do we loot?  For sure, the safe. 

For cash purposes – 10k credits/yr maintenance if using refined fuel, 3600 credits/month for life support.  Refined fuel = 10k per jump.  Landing is 100.  Berthing is hundreds…lots of little fees are hundreds. 

Buying unrefined fuel is 1/5 the cost by the book, so you’d always pay the maintenance penalty.  Steve has to mess with these.  However, crew is expensive. 

Fixing the missile rack completely is on the order of 200k. 

We continue working and looting.  In two days, we pull 150k-300k of rare metals from the safe (used in very tiny quantities). 

The day after we crack out the safe and haul up the metals, we get a coded hail from orbit.  IT’s from the Cognizant Citizen from the She Abides Me.  Are you ready for pickup?

Osler:  We have acquired a craft of our own.

C:  Acquired?

O:  So we don’t need a lift.

They ask for the code, verify that we figure we’re good, and take off. 

CC:  Thank you for doing business.   You didn’t, uh, you know, just pirate the Nu Gua did you?

O:  No. 

CC:  Ok, because we know those guys.

O:  They are safe and sound away from the system.

CC:  We didn’t set up a distress word, so I’m going to assume you’re ok.

O:  We’ll call in the next 24 hours if we need a hand.

CC:  Fair skies to you!

Repairs are proceeding, and we are nearing the 24-hour mark.  The landing gear is sealed up, and the scoop can be beaten into shape (so it works).  We could always pump it full of seawater even if the door won’t open. 

Anything interesting in the news?  Couple of GI 19, one 29.  Only thing of interest is the bar we set Tuva Wallen up with on Eddum closed.  Those of us from Eddum are surprised because it’s been there forever. 


Steve – one other thing…coming in unregistered, we will be *thoroughly* searched.  The PGMP we can probably work with…the battledress will be a problem. 

We will loot for a week, with Sellie on the ship doing something else. 

We do a led search..28. 

On the fourth day, we are deep in the bowels of a wealthier district.  Suddenly, the comms go off.  It’s a hail to the Spirit of Sionoro (that’s us).  It’s the SS Black Sky.

The transponder shows minimal 4th Imperium imprint.  Looks like a 400-ton vessel of some kind.  It’s listed as a “Freighter”. 

Sellie doesn’t reply.

Black Sky:  Are you in distress? 

Sellie counts to ten and answers:  Black Sky, this is Spirit.  How are you today?

BS:  Good.  Are you in distress? 

S:  Thank you for coming by – we had a problem earlier but hit the panic button accidentally.  We’re good now.

BS:  100% functional?  Do you have any casualties? 

S:  No, we’re fine.

BS:  We’re reading a reactor leak and we should probably come check it out.

S:  No, everything’s fine here.

BS:  We hear you loud and clear.  We’ll be right down. 

Sellie starts pre-flight.  We’re 6-7 hours away…if he moves closer to us, we can be as close as 2 hours.

Sellie checks the sensors (T 13) – ship coming in at high burn.  If they really are a 400-ton freighter, it will take them a while.  He figures they’ve got an hour or 90 minutes on their way in. 

Sellie takes off and attempts to scoop, then go get us.  DC to fly and land is 10.  DC to scoop is 15.  Sellie is at -4. 

Filling up will take a half hour.  Then he will land on the ship for us. 

The rest of us are heading upwards…first half hour is quiet.  Second half hour, and we find a closed safety door.  Faster to go through, or around, or breach? 

Well, the fastest option is to abandon the cart and hoof it.  Going around with the carts will be a little slower than blasting the door.  We set up four charges and blow the door, then continue.  The boom of the heavy steel doors banging against the floor definitely makes the small amounts of explosives used satisfying. 

Sensor scan – looks like they’re 45 minutes out. 

Bob tells Sellie to use a fake landing site. 

We get to the point where we have to drop the carts, but we can push our trailer. 

After another half hour we get up to a level with a departure bay.  Sellie lands somewhat roughly; the landing gear indicators light up like a Christmas Tree.  We see the ship and run the cart onto it…tie the cart down and strap it in (not properly), then we sit down and harness up.  Sellie gets into the co-pilot’s chair.  Osler is in the Comms chair.

BS:  Moving in to render assistance.  Please land one one of the larger platforms.

O:  We are independent, self sufficient, and on our way.

BS:  WE represent the Imperial Navy.  Please land and prepare to be boarded.

Bob:  You are not following Navy protocol.  This is Commander Fitzgerald.

BS:  Fine.  Sionomo – land or there will be nothing left of you to pick up.

Bob closes the comms and decides to punch it. 

Our targeting radar won’t work without the missile racks disengaged. 

Sellie:  The thing is painted black, has a skull on the side, and non-standard hard points.  Looks like a pirate that technically is a modified freighter. 

Our ship is rated for 1.2 G’s of thrust. 

Jina:  I’m not going back. Punch it, Bob.

Bob: That lumbering hulk can’t catch us.

So the question is, do we want to burn for orbit, or try to keep the city between us and them?  They are coming in hot and have a lot of speed…normally we could outrun them, but they’ve got momentum. 

Bob flies around the other side of the city…we keep dodging around the large city.  They get a couple of partial missile locks before we shake them.  At some point, their ship throws a rooster tail as they come over the water.  They start coming back around towards us, and once their pilot commits to a turn, Bob punches it for orbit.  Lucas reroutes some power to the sub-lights…Mechanical 22, 26 engineering.  More thrust! 

Eventually they get a hard-point laser lock.  Bob takes evasive maneuvers…they miss! 

Next round, missile lock…Bob gets a +6 on the dodge, so they miss.  Bob is singing and cackling with glee. 

Next round - +8 to AC…another shot passes the ship, missing wildly.  We’re getting into upper atmosphere. 

Sensors – 8.  No idea how we’re doing…

Lucas continues watching the engines and will back off next round.  Bob runs for deep space.  +6 AC…They miss again.

Sensors – another 8.

We are now out of the gravity well.  How long to thrust 100% to the jump point? 

Sensors 19 –

Life support seems ok and we’re still breathing. 

The pilot is bringing the jump drive online – Lucas figures it’s looks ok.  Diagnostics say they’re fine.

Astrogation 27 to Karu…the pirates are burning for orbit but can’t quite catch us.  They are actively sensor sweeping us. 

As they come out of orbit, they get one long-range missile lock on us.  We dodge…+4 AC.  The missile blows up at max range and was still pretty close.  Our life support shows Amber.  There’s something wrong with water reclamation system…

Bob:  Don’t worry – we got the fusion still.

There’s a leak in Lucas’s stateroom. 

We run hot out to the jump point…we strap in and Bob hits the button.

Our lurch into jumpspace is pretty smooth. 

We have 168 hours of time with no one shooting us.

Lucas fixes the sewage leak.

Bob tutors Osler on the right things to say.  We have issues with the battle dress and PGMP; we were salvaging on Cawa, found this ship and a crewmember in medical distress (so there’s a guy in the cooler), repaired the ship, and want to salvage it.

There is no way to deal with the battledress…PGMP is illegal so we can get around it. 

We have between 90k and 120k of credits after breakage of stuff from the last loot run. 

The PGMP we’ll have to sell or let the government confiscate it.

The hoop could be called art.  The ball could be hidden.  We’d need to explain the gauss rifles. 

We still have an issue with one crewmember – how can we claim salvage on it? 

The second transponder is a question, but since this ship was designed to operate with two flags…

They will find it if they plug a Sim into our comms, or if someone is particularly curious and gets super nosy.  It would be very obvious that this ship was not built in the Imperium…an engineer would notice this.  Ship’s only 5 years old. 

We space the battledress in jump space.

Our popsicle – if the authorities thaw him, they’ll ask him questions. 

His possessions –NZS money, and NZS hand comps.  We put the credits and ID’s back in their hiding spots.  We keep the handcomps.

When we land we’ll have to say we have an injured and salvage.  Then we’ll worry about checking on him later.

We hide the hoop as a piece of art and hide it in Sellie’s quarters.  What about Morson’s Ball?  We put it in a plastic baggie and throw it on Sellie’s shelf. 

We help sort and stack loot.  Only Bob and Jina have Crewmember and can stand watch. 

We week is over…we drop out of jump space. 

We are immediately hailed by the Navy, Navy patrol, and Sky Control.

O:  We are the Spirit of Sionoro coming in from Cawa. 

B:  We have damage and request airlock-to-airlock docking.  We also have personnel in low-berth.

7 hours later, we pull up.  When we land, we open the doors.  Four people meet us in the lock – two people with medic’s armbands; one guy in a uniform (Imperial Customs), and one guy with a clipboard (Imperial Customs Enforcement). 

Jina and the medics go to the low berth.

IC:  Who is the master of this ship?

Bob:  It’s savage.

Timothy Reeve – dead. 

Cotter Pez Al – he’s a crewmember, and he’s our injured.

IC:  As part of the salvage operation, in this case customs will have to inspect the ship.  I will have to ask you to leave your personal items onboard.  Thank you for filling out your declarations forms.  If you can excuse me for a moment.

Sounds like communications aren’t monitored by the Sim right now – some kind of pissy snit…the Sims aren’t talking to each other right now. 

The customs agent is racist to Sims.

We do have Red items but we’ve declared that.  We also declared the damaged missile, but that was safed.

Bob lets slip that we didn’t have a lot of discussion about things (like the grenades) before jumping into space.

The security force shows up and escort us out as they board the ship.  We hit the lounge for refreshments and discussion about Spaceball – they have to verify our claim.

After a couple hours, they bring us back onto the ship. 

Salvage paperwork – we are all 1/5 owners.  Master/captain was not filled out, but now it’s Bob.  Lucas is our engineer. 

They have given our claim preliminary approval.  There is a 30-day delay for counter-claims, so they feel it’s unlikely – but we must be aware. 

If we get the name changed, they will officially reprogram the transponder.  They have to keep checking the ship, so they will offer us lodging for 24 hours.  Empress Furia will cover that for us.  We should assume the station voice mail may be out of service. 

IC:  Anyway, welcome to Mon Karu Sky.  I hope you would take the time to enjoy Mon Karu Downport and the local attractions. 

Osler:  What are the local attractions?

IC:  It’s a TL6 dirtball.

Jina:  Dirt?

Planetary administrator Stein Oldsdottir welcomes us.  His son is Hans Oldsdottir. 

He can’t recommend any particular firm (for repairs), but I could be induced to do so. 

Osler slips him a few credits, and the guy gives Osler a card.  Osler gives it to Lucas.

Some of us pay for baths…Lucas and Jina clean up, then go planetside.  She enjoys the customary “just landed” smoke, and then they hit a bar. 

Bob leaves us and finds someone else to hang out with. 

Sellie goes to his room in the Motel Space and hangs out by himself. 

Osler goes out but not with Bob.  He also spots the repair dock.  The computer navigation on the station is offline, but there are signs. 

10 am the next morning…we are feeling less space-sick.  Jina and Karu head to visit the divemaster and tell him we survived.

Bob takes a bath and inquires about the inspection – computer still down.  Turns out the ship has been cleared, and we owe 500 credits in docking fees. 

Do we want to move it, or have them move it?

Osler eats and talks to the repair dock…100 credits for the estimate. 

Sellie begins to prepare a message for our employee, Garace Cochini. 

Jina and Lucas go to the dive school.  He’s somewhat surprised to see us; invites us inside, gives us coffee, and insults us for an hour. 

Costs – two airlocks, landing gear, and hull will be 75-80k.  Fixing the hardpoint is included.  A new missile launcher starts at 750k and they may throw in installation. 

We can afford the basic repairs fairly easily.  The missiles are a problem so we won’t be able to pay for that without selling *everything* at discount prices. 

3 days until the basic repairs are done.  Cotter is in a private room; they amputated most of one leg and half of the other, but he’s conscious.  He looks pretty good, considering. 

The hospital gives us a status update – it’s interesting that he’s in a private room.   Those cost money.  We’ll chat with him next time. 

XP for the night – 700 XP. 

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