Sir, we will treat her nicely!

We got to the secure storage facility and found that the module with all the top-secret stuff had been dumped to the bottom of the ocean due to the chaos happening in the city.  We did some looting, then thought to check our cart - and found a tracker and listening device.  We dropped those off and then headed off to lose our pursuers.  Eventually we got up to the bay with the rescue submarines and found one that may be usable...along with its captain, who apparently set it up for someone to use - like us.

November 6, 2016

We will depart for the far side of the city, then drive down a ramp, and will attempt to get ourselves to the secure holding facility.  We move with all haste and dodge lots of wreckage, so Bob institutes a “hands and feet inside the ride at all times” rule.

Spot:  best is 21.  Jina thinks she saw a flash of IR way behind us.  It’s after about 20 minutes or so of travel…they could be miles away at this point. 

Search for ramps down:  best is 27 – Lucas, Osler, and Jina spot a narrow road leading to cargo ramps down.   There is a large door here, and it’s mostly closed.  Looks like it crushed onto a small passenger vehicle. 

Looking for the manual actuator we find a maintenance hatch that’s already been opened.  Someone already welded on the mechanism so we’d need to repair it. 

Lucas checks it over and thinks he could fix it.  10-15 minutes of work would be enough to get this thing working.  Jina checks out the other side – there are cargo containers, some debris, and half a crushed car.  The road would not be blocked. 

Other stuff in this area looks like cargo handling equipment.   We check it out (Search 29) – the crates have bullet holes in them and there are shell casings on the ground.  There appeared to be a firefight in here a long time ago.  Most of the brass is small arms but there do appear to be a few professional grade rounds fired. 

Prying open the crates – two had conveyor parts.  One is full of bolts of cloth…some of it on the inside is in good shape.  It used to be really nice but these storage conditions were poor.  It’s real cotton!  But it’s not worth boosting into orbit.

Fourth crate holds noodles.  Bob fills the fusion still with noodles. 

Fifth crate – this one was really stained on the outside.  It has containers of syrup…we take a couple to flavor the glop.

There are also some fork trucks here…two have no batteries or computers, and the third one has no computer (it’s older and smaller). 

Sellie hides the door handle and steals a fire axe.  We go down two floors on our ramp…the door’s down, but someone has gone through it.  They supplemented lack of skill with excessive explosives and blew a big nasty hole.

We are now in a cargo area full of crates (150-200 of them).  The manifests would be computerized, but there will flimsies on many of them.

We go to the biggest crate here and open it.  It’s air handling equipment. 

We look around for valuables, making a casual inspection. 

Jina’s 00 – crate of delicate computer components, never installed.  Could be worth 70-120k credits.  We chuck it onto the cart.  If nothing else, maybe our ship could use it. 

Lucas’s 91 – 3d molecular printer used to make very small parts.  Probably worth half a megacredit if new.  However, not sure if anyone knows how to use it

Sellie’s 24 – entertainment chips…we don’t take them.

Bob’s 30 – foodstuffs that he jams into the fusion still

Osler’s 62 – a cache of roll-up displays.  15 of them, TL 10, worth 1500 credits each.  They’re small, light, and handy. 

We could search this area for days, but we have a place to go – the secure holding facility.  We figure we’re ¾ the way there and then find a makeshift barrier here.  Someone spent a lot of time doing this.  What side are they protecting?  Not sure.  Doors to the side have been secured.  This is *not* fresh, either. 

Jina climbs the wall to take a look – this wall has been meticulously built of junk. 

On the other side she looks…the side we are on is the side the attackers were coming from.  This is the main thoroughfare so it’s the best way to get there.  She doesn’t see any signs of defenders, corpses, etc on the other side. 

We’ll look for another way to get past with the cart.  Search 29 – we find another way around and head for secure storage.  We’re back to the main throughway…the detour cost us 10 minutes which represents a decent delay. 

We find a forbidding-looking building with a single door blown off its hinges near a sign saying, “Secure Holding Offices”.  The door was blown from the inside, and there are bodies here.  Definitely was a firefight here long ago. 

Can we spot a place to hide our cart?  About 10 minutes walk away, yes.  We stash our trailer and some of our stuff…we carry limited equipment into the facility.

We are all moving at medium or heavy encumbrance. 

We roll into the secure facility, and we see a mess.  Someone used plastique to blow out the *inside* of the door.  It looks like a trap, and this caused a pretty significant fires.  The man door going into the main facility was cut out.  There’s nothing on interest in the front room. 

Some of the bodies outside have City ID’s, some of them have Imperial ID’s, and none of them have any official badges, cards, etc.  They don’t appear to be military…but some of the clothing had ceramic plates.  Guns and clips are essentially gone, and there aren’t any imperial credits either. 

Through the next door is a bullpen office of 4 desks with the secretary’s desk.  3 bodies and signs of a firefight here as well. 

It *does* sort of seem that some people evacuated and some people rioted.  If there was wholesale rebellion the corpses should *still* be stinking.  Quick check on the bodies – no guns but someone left an autopistol clip.  ID’s are Oren city security.  Looks like the local police.  There’s another damaged security door we go through.  Three more doors off this hallway, all three of the show signs of gunfire like the openings were used for cover. 

First door – ladies room.  One dead body – Oren City Police…gun and credits gone.  His cop utility belt and pass are in here.  Also a radio. 

Next room – Secure Facility Administrative chief.  3 dead guys. 

We start with the bodies – uniformed police.  Weapons and cash are gone.  Looks like everyone died in a gunfight.  Guy in the chair has no head – looks like decay.  He was wearing a formal uniform that’s rotting away.  Not armed but shot many times.  Terminal is smashed on the floor.  Desk is already tossed…we flip through the flimsies and find (search 31) – bookshelf on the wall does contain a small binder.  Inside there is an evacuation map.  Turns out it’s a pretty small place…we go down the hall past the janitorial area, then a door to a long hallway.  This area looks pretty curved like we’re near the hull and the actual security area will be against it. 

We head that way…another dead cop without a weapon.  Just before the end of the hall is the janitorial area. 

We check the janitorial room – two empty chargers and no cleaning bots.   Some shelves with supplies and a rollaway toolbox, and a picnic table.  No one dead in here or signs of combat.  These tools would be Masterwork if we spent time to clean and use them. 

We come to a gate – someone cut through it.  Door behind it – also cut through.  Every 15 meters is another heavy gate that someone cut.  None of this looks recent.  Also, the holes are just big enough for a person.  Eventually we find a steel plate door with a hole cut into it.  On the other side is a door that was blown in.  A plaque next to the door confirms this is the secure facility we’re looking for.  Two desks and another two doors. 

Door to the back is an airlock-style door, shut and secure.  Door to the left is just shut.  Dead man behind the right desk victim of violence – Oren city security.  His autopistol is here, full clip.  Osler takes the autopistol and clips.

Non-airlock security door is ajar and stops against a body.  Jina shoves it out of the way and steps in.  Small room 2m x 5m – one wall covered in monitors, and controls in the room.  Sign for the door is on the ground – Secure Facility Control Room.  Search 20 – dead guy has 2 spare clips, autopistol with 3 shots gone in his hand.  He was shot.  He has an ID badge but no security badge, and normal cop stuff.  Some credits and a handcomp.  Sellie and Bob take the handcomp.  We figure out which controls are for which camera, etc…these are locally controlled individually.  One section is clearly “hallway” that is a normal setup where one screen runs multiple cameras.  There is another section, “Emergency ejection – secure facility”.  There’s a keyed cover open, and an ID card stuck into it.  There’s another key stuck in and turned…Underneath that is a binder filled with flimsies and a data chip.  We check that…the flimsies are printouts and the data chip is a manual. 

The handcomp we found does not have wireless access – someone damaged it.  It appears to be clean of virus.  Sgt Gillibow Mossini, Oren Security.  Only one communication – Sgt Mossini – we can use a submersible to retrieve that…do not let resistance or viral entities capture it.  Calm Seas! 

Sounds like someone ejected the weapons and ammunition. 

The flimsies contain instructions for the emergency ejection system.  It will sink, then float and be able to move.  It will emit recovery beacon or await the coded number sequence at (frequency).  Upon receiving the code, if hibernating, it will restart the beacon.  Can be emptied or entered via its own airlock or the refloatation system.  We do not have the code. 

This facility was made as a standard secure facility.  This appears to be something adapted from a space station.  This is *just* the factory manual…and we have an experimental unit meant for water use. 

We have not found the code.  The order to scuttle was the facility administrator. 

The ID card is Sgt Mossini’s.  It appears that the computer for this facility was isolated from the main computer – like someone was trying to preserve the secure content from being hacked. 

Can we power up the computer?  Otherwise we can try to power up the airlock too. 

First, we toss the room outside the control room.  Search 23 – nothing else interesting in drawers or floor, but one of the bodies has a flimsy in its pocket.  It’s blank with a number written on it, like a recovery code.  559844573

We don’t know if the secure facility that detaches was the one, two, or three-room model. 

We look out the airlock door…lots of water and lots of dark, kind of like the room is flooded *or* it’s been detached and exposed to water. 

We have a manual for this product, a number we assume is the recovery code, and a frequency.  We not sure if the thing’s transmitting “I’m here” in which case it’s dead, although the city hasn’t moved.  Or, it’s hibernating at which point we could wake it up.  Sgt. Mossini was told to eject it and it looks like there was reason to believe it should have been.  Where are the submersibles? 

No signs of where the submersibles are, but we haven’t looked. 

Sellie and Bob go get a battery.  Lucas prepares the computer for a new battery.  Jina checks the third room.  It’s the men’s room.  Signs of combat at the doorway and no body inside. 

Bob and Sellie get to the car and prepare to grab a battery…the computer blinks and complains about battery power. 

Computer asks for security card and keycode – 4 digits. 

1234 – logged in! (really?)

The log shows the secured facility was ejected. 

Bob also finds the facility configuration files – 3-room facility.  It was sent in hibernation mode.  It doesn’t show passcode, but does claim it’s got temperature and humidity control.  Those are shut down when it goes into hibernation.  No inventory. 

Finding the craft seems like we’d need the submersible. 

If we fired the beacon while at the bottom of the sea, we would be the closest people by far and should be able to recover the contents more quickly than anyone else. 

Where would the submersibles be?  Alpha quadrant, below surface docks.  Probably up 7 decks. 

BTW there were seafloor facilities and no one knows what happened to them. 

We take the binders, the data keys, etc and make sure someone can’t get this same access. 

Before we shut down, we do doctor the logs to eliminate any traces of it repowering or ejecting the secure module.  Our tracks are covered as well as they can be.  We get out in front of the building and find out car…we check it for bombs.  Search 22 – no bombs, but we do find a locator beacon.  And we didn’t put that on here. 

Sellie – leave it on.  We’ll go down a few levels and leave it there.  It was hidden inside a wheel well. 

We drive for the cart, guns out.  No trouble.  We give the cart a once-over (22) and find a beacon on the cart.  This one is different…it’s more than a locator; it’s also listening – it’s up by the handle.  They’ve heard a lot of what they said. 

We claim that we’re going to rest, then head down to the reactor.  Lucas makes a bad line (bluff 11) about doing down.

Sellie and Jina back away and discuss whether we can hack these detectors or have them lie.  Not sure, but we do need to check our stuff.

Fastest way to the reactor was the ramps we’re on.  Going the less-interceptable route takes us back to the center.  Eventually we get to the ramp area…spots 21 and less.  None of us see anything.  We are are at the ramps…down or up.  We head down. 

3.5 ramps down, we find water. 

We chat – where’s the college, may as well rest, need to come up with a new plan, etc.

This level is a bit earthy; they had their hydroponic stuff on this level.  It’s moister (because of the water below), so we go back up one to a food processing level. 

Where’s a place to hole up?  Well, it’s all factories and offices for food.  Every piece of the plant gets used; all moisture gets returned to use. 

Survival 17 looking for places to crash.  Shipping / receiving bay that looks defendable – mechanically locking doors without electronics…five exterior doors.  Other area that’s a good possibility has a credit union or something with an open vault.  It looks to have been roughed up.  We could defend that pretty well but there’s no way out. 

We decide to use the dock.  We get the golf cart and trailer inside; some robotic forklifts went nuts in here and there are signs of blood.  There are some powered vehicles savagely disabled. 

We secure the place as well as we can, make camp, and will start to search.  We start to argue about where the hell everything is, etc…Bluff goes from 8 to 26. 

Search the cart 33…we can also reorganize it.  No more bugs.  We also search our loot…no bugs on our stuff. 

Lucas attempts to remove the tracking devices and put them somewhere else.  Move Silently 23. 

Jina, Sellie, and Osler go into the office.  They discuss leaving, booby traps, etc.  Lucas follows them.  We check out the production floor – search 21.  This is some kind of carrot processing facility.  In a shop we find half a drum of machine oil.  Nothing else of interest, at least in the production floor.  Is there a cargo elevator down?  Maybe…but not in this level. 

Two-man team…who are they, how are they following us, are they from the Vilani, can we outrun them, where is their ship…there were three transponders here. 

Lucas wants to go onto the roof to look for people…he finds a ladder and hatch.  He crawls over to the wall and looks…nothing.  Then he goes to the side of the roof near the doors through which we entered.  He spots nothing.  Jina goes up there as well and finds nothing. 

We crawl back down, load up the carts, and head off.  Osler puts his music player over top of the listening device; we open the door, drive out, and close it.  We will head to Alpha quadrant before going up towards the submersibles.  Go straight and it still takes 6 hours.  We have a better chance to lose them if we go to the edge, so we do that.

12 hours of time…Bob’s shift goes uneventfully.  Lucas’s shift is uneventful as well.  Sellie’s four-hour shift…and at some point the road opens up in front of him.  Reflex 17…Jina goes out through the windshield…10 stamina, and the front wheels are off the edge.  Jina is dangling over the hole; Sellie pulls her back in.  Lucas reaches out and shuts down the sled; it drops to the ground and provides braking. 

Sellie looks down and sees water 50-60 feet down. 

We all help out and heave the thing back out of the hole.  Lucas suddenly ponders the brakes on the cart. 

Lucas checks the cart – it’s in good shape for a 300-year old cart that just fell into a hole.  Any autocart store that might have brake pads would be nice but not necessary.  This hole appeared to be from an explosion down…there is a blast mark towards the ceiling. 

We will be able to go around the hole, just barely.  Lucas sees nothing behind us. 

Last hour is quiet…and now we’re in Alpha.  3 hours to the ramp up…nothing happens.  As we get there, Lucas switches from the IR to the cart’s lights.  25 forklifts are lined up side-by-side, forks raised at chest height.  None of the lights are fired up; all of them do indeed have lights.  No power signatures. 

Osler goes to check out the nearest one…he climbs up onto one of them.  It’s dirty and undignified, but he gets on the other side.  Lots of black stains from dried blood around there.  He turns on his light to find that.  None of the forklifts have moved.  There is a big steel door behind the ramps. 

Forklifts are not welded; some have hand controls, but they’re all computer-driven.  We pop some of them into neutral then shove them aside.  Then, up to the big steel door…we check the man door and it’s welded shut.  We burn into the thing and get it open.  On the other side there is a manual override and a bunch of dead people.  There are *thousands* of dead people in here.  There are bodies as far as we can see.  It’s like this was wall-to-wall people, and then they all died.  The ones by the door are dead by violence; not sure about the others. 

Amazingly the manual operator is untouched and fine.  No one even tried to open the door, apparently. 

Jina moves farther in, and the signs of trauma stop.  Seems unlikely that they starved to death; could have been gas or something.  K Forensics 16 – just not sure what would have killed them.

Jina continues to explore…the bodies start to thin out going forwards.  We manually clear a path and move forward.  It takes about 90 minutes.  Lucas watches down the hallway and other than zoning out once, he doesn’t see anything. 

We get to the top of the level (4 levels below) and find a place to eat.  Then we continue on – we got enough sleep on the cart.  We cruise back through a cargo area. 

Eventually we get to our level of choice – lots of warehouses, and it smells earthy – like spoiled seafood.  This is one below the surface ship dock level.  There are 15 bays in here.  Each bay is floodable.  We start looking for a ship after closing the door to this level.  We find a door with a red cross and Submersible Rescue Vessel Service.  We enter with our cart and at the end we find a gatehouse – “No Entry Without Authorization”.  Jina gives Lucas and gives him permission. 

Gate house is empty except for a computer terminal; Sellie lifts up the gate. 

Bay 1 has an airlock door – it’s flooded. 

Bay 2 – pressurized…not full of water, anyway. 

The airlock will report to the computer but shouldn’t have central control.  It’s probably ok. 

Lucas hooks up the power to the door; it lights up and powers up.  Screen comes on and tells us, “One moment…ready.”  Current status:  pressure inside, outside, and in the lock are all very similar.  Cameras show it’s empty between the doors.  “outside” is into the ship’s bay – there is one more lock door. 

Bob gets into his dive gear and prepares to enter.  We cycle the airlock (which is now squawking about maintenance).  Bob survives the opening of the door out into the bay, but it’s partially flooded.  There is one more door out into the water.  There is indeed a submarine sitting in here.  Her hatches are open.   There’s another one in here half underwater. 

The second Rescue bay is underwater…Bob goes through the waterlock manually and goes to check the other subs.  There is a rescue sub tied to the dock…its hatches are closed.  There’s another dock with another sub.  This one looks sealed as well.  Both of them are floating.  Bob checks the sub farther away.  He cycles the lock and the air is bad; it’s also wet in here.  In the driver’s seat are the putrefying remains of a dead man.  Sub looks stone dead as well.

Lucas will head in himself to check the second sub with Bob.  There is a flimsy hanging from a string – it reads, “Treat her well.” 

The sub is pretty nice, actually.  Sitting on the refresher is a bottle of whiskey, a bottle of pills, and horrifically decomposed dead person.  This guy put himself in the easiest room to clean and ended it.  He’s wearing captain’s stars.

Bob: Thank you, sir.

The battery is dead, but the fusion plant’s fuel tanks are full of refined hydrogen. 

Starting the fusion plant will mean the computer comes on…and if it’s hostile, that will be obvious immediately. 

Bob wonders about disabling the transponders and stuff so we can run silently.  Disabling those will make us slightly quieter but also will remove half the sensors on this ship. 

Should we handle the water in the bay first, or fire up the engine?  First, we should check the sub.  Lucas will do that.

We end it here.

500 XP tonight

Next week (11/13) we should be fine.  We will be done on time because Steve has an early flight. 

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