Quest Item 1 of 4 Recovered!

We dug around in the basement and found two bots - one of them functional, one of them not.  Then we found the Throne Gem.

September 25, 2016

No Aaron, no Mitch.

We will run this game into December.  Last game Dec 18.  No games on the 25th and January 1.  Start with Trellenhome and Shadowrun on January 8.

Recap – found portable computer with messages from of the scientists.  We found descriptions of four artifacts here.    

Tech level of the handcomp is 8 or 9 (the one from the scientist, which Jason refers to as the iDroid).

The only thing we haven’t checked out on the first level is the area behind the welded curtains.  Stuff has tried to get into the area, so we are hoping that we can stop any of the computer’s activities.

Remember – do not let the virus get the Wand.  And we shouldn’t touch it.  No idea why it was stashed in someone’s desk drawer instead of being properly turned in. 

We already found one homicidal AI that was guarding the front door.  We took its guns.

We head down the stairs closer to the middle of the complex.  Metal door at the base of the stairs.  Bob’s in the lead. 

It’s dark down here…emergency lighting is on and it’s got a red tinge.  Something is standing to the left of the door…it’s a human figure. 

Bob pulls his head back and closes the door.   It didn’t appear to react…Sellie peeks his head out again.  The figure is wearing coveralls, and it’s facing off away from us.  Nothing interesting to the right.  The air smells warm down here.

Sellie lobs a rock at the humanoid figure.  He hits it in the back with no reaction.  We move out into the hallway with Lucas facing away.  Lucas peeks around the corner – there is a mushroom with a big base, metallic construction, and many manipulators – it’s an un-moving maintenance robot. 

We start to get nervous about getting assaulted by multiple robots.  Lucas goes up to A to check it out / disable it, taps it on the head to no reaction.  The hands are empty and hanging…hard to say if they’re covered in blood.  He moves to the front of the android – front of the coveralls are cut away…the chest has been emptied out of its battery and computer.  A lot of other parts are missing too.  Looks like it’s been partially removed, and partially yanked – some of the mounts are damaged.  Battery connectors were removed though. 

Search 16 – nothing on the android.    Lots of marks from bullets, lasers, damage in the leg motivators, it got set on fire, face is damaged. 

We go to the other hallway and face down the maintenance bot, tossing a rock at it.  Sellie hits it, and it spins around.  A display panel on its body flashes red.  What does it mean? 

The arms did move from the rotation but do not appear to be moving on their own.  The robot does not move towards us.  Sellie lobs another rock, and the screen continues to blink. 

We cover as Bob moves forward.  Jina is standing next to the “organics lab” door.  As he approaches the panel stops flashing and words scroll by. 

“Need assistance…downstairs.  Unable to perform transfer.”

Sellie moves up next to Bob and looks for panels or something.  This isn’t designed to be functional-only so there are no obvious panels.  Sellie tries to step next to it, and it backs up – and the screen says “follow”. 

Jina:  If it *is* trying to help us, it’s been waiting for 300 years.  It’s got to be patient – let’s keep checking rooms.

When Sellie backs up, it moves forward 5 feet but won’t go any farther. 

We start looking in rooms – the Organics Lab is lined with lab benches.  There is a center lab bench as well – lots of glass artifacts, dried chemicals, etc.  There are five or six stations in here and at least one body.  Skeleton wearing a labcoat and synthetic slacks.  There is a broken beaker in its hand. 

Search – some imperial hard credits.  This was a doctor of chemistry.  Every station has a terminal; no hand comps.  It looks like they poisoned themselves and dropped quickly.  The stations have nothing unusual here, just regular lab stuff. 

Across the hallway – General Chemistry. 

Speaking of that…do we have the ability to make explosives from chemicals?  Needs K: Chemistry, so no,

This room has been on fire.  We search it – 22.  Multiple dead people and a humaniform robot.  This one has not been salvaged; it burned and hot.  Fire suppression in here was manually disabled.  Some of the chemicals caught fire…this place is a mess.

We pass Bot A – there is a set of cupboards in the hallway.  We sack them.  Supplies for the rooms around here – chemicals, gloves, goggles, lab coats. 

We check the bathrooms – no lights.  The emergency lights in here are broken.  Both are empty.  The sinks eventually run with some water. 

Next door – “Secured storage”.  Electronic lock and keypass.  The lights on the pad are on. 

We start swiping keycards – nothing happens.  T Mechanical to defeat – no problem.  28 is enough.

The room is not that large; the shelves are lined with volatile chemicals, and the room stinks – something’s leaking.  Lots of poisonous or flammable chemicals, and a safe.  Safe has an electronic lock with an eye scanner, fingerprint reader, and keypad.  It is powered up and wants a code. 

T Electronic 21 – not enough for Lucas or Jina.  Safecracking is slow, so we’ll come back later.  The safe is not attached to the wall. 

We *could* make Molotov cocktails or the like from the contents of this room. 

Next door on the bottom of the hallway – looks like a bigger version of the organic lab.  We check it…24.  No bodies in here.  This room is in pretty good shape all things considered – whatever happened at the end, it didn’t happen in here.  The room was actually cleaned up.  Nothing else of interest. 

Next door on the north – electronics lab.  Two benches on opposite walls and shelves in the middle filled with in-progress projects.  Search 32 – it takes a while.  Everything in here with the exception of one area is research on nervous system to electronic interfaces.  All parts of old TL 11-12-13 artificial limbs.  We could scavenge for $money and $parts, but the market for 3rd Imperium biomechanical interfaces is weird because a lot of people won’t take it due to superstition.  Surprisingly, you can *grow* limbs at TL 11-13…this would be for very specialized use, or for people who’d have genetic damage or severe physical damage. 

More interface parts than actuator parts – nerve ending connections or direct to the brain.  We don’t understand some of it. 

Next room – Quantum Analysis.  Three computer terminals…there are some black metal boxes exactly ½ meter apart.  One of them is connected to a computer.  One of the two terminals is plugged into the computer. 

Lucas checks out the computers.  He starts one – Box 1, Box 2, zero results.  34351 flashes. 

The other computers are connected to the mainframe. 

Jina grabs a radiation detector. The two boxes are hinged and full of instruments.  Big 7 cm gem inside.  It’s blue and faceted.  When she first lays eyes on it, it flashes. 

Jina:  Hey guys, we found something.

This is the Throne Gem.  There is a box to store it, so we pluck it out and stash it.

Small computer – specialized monitoring…connected to a standalone computer with data storage.  We take the data storage. 

The data is just test results, not any description of the test.  Looks like someone’s trying to see if there is an entanglement between the two boxes.  No name on the work, either.  Any conclusions about this are probably on the system mainframe. 

We decide we probably need to get into the safe if they are hiding dangerous things – like the Wand. 

Next door is blackened and warped.  We force it open to reveal an intensely burned out room.  Searching the room – anything useful is long since burnt.  There were people in here when it happened.  This room is thoroughly burned…like someone torched it. 

We go to meet up with Bob and give him the good news about the gem. 

As far as the safe, the Hand Cutting Torch won’t do it (or will take a long time – 8 to 9 hours).  The Big Torch would take 3-4 hours.  Electronics will bypass the passcode but still not the biological checks. 

Now, this seems to be overkill even for expensive drugs, dangerous reagents, etc…

We disable the cameras in here. 

We call the game for now.

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