Knock it off, Bob! The glop tastes worse when you crap in the fusion still

We found that we are indeed not alone on this floating city, and the people we share it with are looting as well.  They claim to be leaving us alone as long as we don't go into the computer ops room on floor -120, but something appears to be following us.

October 23, 2016

Sellie checks the window and finds it pleasantly cool.  How to get through this door?

Heavy metal single-side door…security glass window.  We’ll attempt to mechanically defeat this door as well.  T Mech 25 – no problem.  Room is semi-darkened…six desks with two nearer another office.  One long counter with cabinets, coffee machine, etc.  Standard officin’ supplies.  This room appears to have suffered a little bit of smoke but not fire.  Suppression did not go off in here.

2 individual offices and main bullpen. In the bullpen, those two separate desks are for the admins.  Almost no personal effects remain, but no nameplates left.  No bodies in here.  Nothing that interesting other than an empty whiskey bottle.  Every desk has a terminal but there is no power.  There are some memory chips (6).  Sellie takes those. 

WRT viruses…someone found a silicon life form, and turned them into weapons.  That’s why they can infect.  Anything left on this memory chip is unlikely to be strong enough to infect a handcomp. 

Left and right rooms…start with right.  Door is locked for a brief moment…Inside is a fancy office, big wooden desk (clearly imported), table, chairs…looks like leather or something like it.  There are security team of the year awards on the wall as well as a picture of the city labeled, “Fabulous Oren” – it’s a tourism-type picture that we take a photo of.  University of Oren at Kawa is 2/3 of the way down…and from what we can tell, it will be underwater.  Below the waterline does not mean “flooded” though.

Search 33 – 3 memory chips and a handcomp in a locked desk drawer.  Looks to be TL 10 – Bob will check it out.  We power it up (5% off our batteries)…T comp 21…it’s been damaged and infected, but this is strange.  The infection didn’t proceed like normal so it’s physically damaged and the data is damaged. 

In the other room we find 2 more memory chips while Bob digs through the damaged handcomp.  He does find part of a report:  “After several attempts on the artifact and Prof Wimpfheimer’s life, security forces have secured the artifact.  It is in the secured holding facility.  Wimpfheimer will be in the lower detention level until the investigation is complete.  Oswald Quissen, head of security, will be (EOF)”  No date. 

Memory chips!  T Computer 23 – 1st chip is budget reports.  2nd chip is personnel reports for security.  Anything on Oswald Quissen?  Yes…age, service record, live on Oren…only concern is that he suffers from degeneration in his back. 

3rd chip:  planetary music (Sellie saves it).

4rd chip:  bits of promotional videos for the city of Oren.  They disparage other cities on the planet.  It’s clearly designed for off-worlders. 

5th chip:  blank

6th chip:  someone in the office was a budding author, and there is some mildly erotic fiction.  It’s pretty cheesy. 

Chips from the security office:

1: one (the last) year’s list of aerial takeoffs and landings.  A lot of them are inter-city shuttles

2:  top ten most wanted of Oren and other cities.  Looks like a data exchange with other security services to help smooth over jurisdictional issues. 

3:  embarkations/disembarkations for nautical vessels.  Looks like a lot of fishing vessels which implies the city fed itself from the ocean (fish, seaweed, underwater horticulture, etc.)  There are also some underwater installations on the world but it doesn’t mention where they are.  There are some research vessels on there as well. 

From the other office:

1:  academy recruit evaluations

2:  Special Handling items and instructions

            First item is the Amagaldene hoop and an annotated picture.  It’s a ring with four flaps on it and a hollow in the middle.  It’s a dull gray and weighs a kilogram, and it’s half a meter across.  Instructions say to never pass anything into the hoop, especially body parts.  Anything going through it has its energy removed from it, including your fingers – they will be killed all the way across.  It’s kept in a special case, and leave it in there.  The outside of the case is not shown; the inside is square and as large as it is, padded, etc.)

            Second item is a bright silver ball called Morson’s Ball…unknown artifact, do not touch.  About 15 cm diameter.  Touching it induces a falling sensation and panic.  If it is out of its case or laying somewhere, only touch with gloves and not bare skin.  Long-term effects are unknown.  Not sure what it’s for.  Even those who are used to freefall feel panic.  No radiation, etc.  Even thin medical gloves will protect you.  You also lose the ability to let go of it. 

Nothing else listed. 

In the arsenal – someone else already took most of the weapons. 

So, where is the Secure Holding Facility?  We don’t know. 

Lucas – why are we finding this again?  We can’t let them have both items anyway.  If we find the other one…

Osler:  He has paperwork on us.

Lucas – If they go around snuffing out stars, I don’t know that I can live with myself. 

Jina – We may as well go look and decide later.  If nothing else, we sell it ourselves.

We figure we need to go down to find the secure facility or the detention area.  Either stairs, power the elevator, or rappel. 

Looking at the elevators…some cable ones, and some antigrav ones.  The antigrav ones may be able to be powered by our battery although they may have computers.  We look…where are the cars?  Maybe 15 stories down we see *all* of them.  That’s where the city starts to spread.  From there, the elevators (etc.) may be spread out. 

We walk down…after 2 levels of arrival-departure lounges we see multiple staircases.  We keep going and looking to find essentially nothing.  At the bottom we see the elevators going up and the city spread into quadrants.  There is more stuff below us but we need to use different stairs to get there.  We’re still well above water. There will be surface arrival/departure at the water level although that’s probably submerged by now. 

Some of the biggest landing areas are on this level (for larger ships).  If we want a  grav cart this is the place to find it. 

We go into sector D…this is clearly bulk cargo.  Looking around on the flight deck, something bad happened here.  We see a crashed (or at least burned) starship…and it’s hot.  We do find a grav cart.  It’s discharged…looks 300+ years old and like it was treated roughly.  However, it looks like it should function.  It’s not automated and its little computer doesn’t even have a display.  It’s not designed to go up and down stairs.  This thing would need to be driven by the fusion still; our batteries are not big enough for this. 

We will remember this grav cart here but not take it.  We will take a wheeled cart.  At least four banks of elevators in this quadrant. 

What else is in this quadrant – any clue about lower detention levels?  Well, there is a city admin level…

If we want to stroll through the other landing levels, it will take 3 levels.  We push our heavy junk around on the carts.  Can we find any personnel transportation?  No. 

We next go into quad C – we find the doors for the arrival/departure lounge and can see a starship through the glass.  We hear no engines or antigrav…and don’t see anything moving.  Ship appears to be a 200-ton Far Trader.  We spot tracks – footprints – through the lounge.  That means we’re not alone.  Tracks are back-and-forth and not super old. 

Should we go introduce ourselves?

Jina:  Let’s talk if we see them but I’d recommend finding our stuff and leaving first.

Bob:  It’s a Far Trader so there aren’t that many of them.  We can take them all.

Lucas:  What is wrong with you people?

For us to go outside we will need to pass through an airlock. 

Bob tries to ping their transponder.  He gets 3…SS Nu-Gua.  No ID on that, just a registration number.  SS Spirit of Sionomo.  Third one is SS Light of Vongi.  That should cover most of the city but not orbit.  This means where are probably 3 ships here…

Lucas tries to find their communicator frequencies (20).  3 distinct, encrypted communications here.  We recognize ours…so there are definitely people here. 

We decide to see what else is on this level first, and head down in a different segment.  Nothing landed on quadrant A…nothing on the landing pad either.  We’ll go down in A via the first one we saw. 

We figure it’s 120 stories down to get to “city hall” level.  That’s a long way.  We check the grav elevators…no elevators here.  No cables either.  The nearest elevator is…a long way down. 

Next elevator bank – we find one!  This one is a grav elevator, and it’s caught on its safeties.  However it would be difficult to power and/or control.

We begrudgingly decide to go down the stairs…but we have crap up where we first landed.  Are we willing to abandon our loots?  We can’t carry all of it. 

Ok…a normal set of batteries for the grav sled will run it 12-14 hours…longer if we hook up the fusion still.  We’d need to modify it but we can do that. 

We handwave…get our stuff from the landing level, modify the sled, and rest for the night. 

T computers and T engineering – we reprogram and fix the sled (Bob and Lucas).  Jina, Osler, and Sellie will go get our stuff.  We have some tight quarters.

We do some looting to amuse ourselves.  Jina and Sellie go looking and finds several cases of liquor outside one of the bars.  We get some Oren Kawa seafood distillate – it’s local.  It’s green and does not taste like melons in the least.  Strong salty flavor.  We take a whole intact case. 

We lock the door, set watches, and go to sleep. 

Fifth watch, Jina is sitting there with her gauss pistol and hangover…she hears a pinging noise like something touched the outside of the door.  She readies her pistol but prepares to talk. 

Nothing happens.  There is only one opening and that door is it. 

She goes to the door and listens (8) and hears nothing but Lucas’s snoring.  She bends down to look under the door and spots only darkness. 

She waits for morning and tells everyone that something made noise outside at night.  This is a secure enough room that the wall goes to the roof.  How can we look outside?

Sellie rips out some of the ductwork and the ceiling for a look.  Ceiling tile is about 2’ down.  We break through that and look…there’s a hallway.  We can’t see the door, though.  Sellie uses his handcomp to take pictures…nothing obvious on the door.  Lucas doesn’t find anything on the door. 

We discuss what the hell was there and Steve calls for Spot…best is 22. 

Jina checks the door with extreme care…26…and finds nothing.

We break out the hotsauce and eat us some glop.  The players will as well. 

We discuss Jina’s sanity, sobriety, and skill at listening and head for the stairs.  Our gravlifter is fussy but still better than carrying our stuff. 

Spots:  best 23.  Nothing.

Around lunchtime we are a few floors above our destination.  We enjoy some glop. 

At floor 120 we find the civic offices.  Doors not locked…so we enter.  Two side offices – supplies and janitorial.  Six bots in the janitorial office.  No lights, though.  Lucas double-taps one of the cleaning bots. 

L:  I got ‘em!

Lucas spot welds the door shut.  The janitorial supply room has cartridges of cleaning chemicals.  We discuss what fun we could have with floor wax…Osler takes a gallon. 

At the end of the hallway we open the door and hear our footsteps echo…this room is larger than a spaceball field and looks like an old town square.  Ceiling is 50 meters high…there are trees (real wood!), dried grass, paths, etc.  There are even storefronts here.

Sign reads:  Administration (and points), City Hall, and Computer Operations.

Lucas:  Let the looting commence!  (echo…)

Admin, then city hall, then looting?

Admin is down the left path.  We pass the occasional body long since decayed to bones. 

There are a couple jewelry stores we view with interest.  Eventually we come to City-Wide Administration.  Marble floors, information desk, and remains of a nice grand piano.  Large chandelier hanging from the ceiling.  It looks pretty cool…it is not a light sculpture, but a crystal chandelier.  It’s pretty cool and pretty nice.  Sellie takes pictures.  It looks like it would be awesome to preserve, but it would take a week just to pack it up.

Behind the information desk is a binder with plastic pages.  It’s a directory of the building.  Personnel listing – Quissen is not listed. 

We head for the security guy’s office…4th floor, and this time we have to go up.  We find the Office of Security…door is open.  Small waiting room.  Someone’s been camping in here, although not recently (like decades ago).  There is a security screen (down) and a security door. 

Jina:  I bet these guys already got the good stuff.  We’ll have to check in here for the loot. 

Screen is latched down.  Breaking the door will be faster.  T: Mech – Door is open. 

Standard front office with room for two people at the counter.  There is thick bullet-proof glass behind the gate.  Nobody was squatting on *this* side of the door. 

We check the area.  Search 28 – nothing of significance in here.  This area is very neat – distinct lack of official documentation, or directories, etc.  The phone numbers and pre-dials are gone…it’s like this is an empty office.  Almost like someone came through here and depersonalized it.  There’s an area where a printer or something may have been…but that’s gone.  Someone moved out of here. 

We head back down the hallway to find another security door.  Lucas busts it down and we enter.  Supplies – empty!  The shelves are labeled but empty.  Down the hall is a larger room with 15 desks and a corner office.  Desks are *identical*.  Each one has a single pad in the same place. 

Jina pushes a trash can over.

We check the corner office – not even a desk in there.  Two empty bookshelves, one of which conceals a hidden, dried out bottle of whiskey.  Dammit!

Jina will look in the Property and Records room with Bob.  The other three loot the squatters’ area and gets a 10.  They find nothing but food wrappers and bedding. 

Bob and Jina smash in the window and unlock the door.  There is a long counter with a half-door.  There are desks behind it.  These appear to be just as neatly arranged as the others…but there are terminals on each one.  Terminals are stone dead. 

We search…Jina finds *nothing* (22).  There is a door in the back and it’s not locked.  Inside it goes to a short hallway with a utility hallway that goes behind some of the suites.  Two empty offices nearby.  The utility hallway – there is a pallet and jack wrapped in plastic.  There are about 50 data cartridges all wrapped up. 

We can probably flip through these one at a time with a handcomp.  It’s not as fast as using the full computer. 

*somewhere* there is a machine that reads this.  There is a spot in one of the side offices that could have held one though. 

The others come to join Jina and Bob.  We go into the utility hallway away from the main square and find a freight elevator.  No elevator here unfortunately. 

We may have the property and/or tax records for the city.  This is allegedly exactly what Sellie was here to collect. 

We end up back in the square with our stuff and the pallet of data cartridges on the cart. 

Let’s head for City Hall first. 

Jewelry store – door is open.  Nothing in the front…Lucas looks around and finds the big safe is open and empty.  He looks around and finds one diamond and emerald bracelet.  It looks valuable! 

Sunglasses store – someone’s been in here.  The computerized ones are gone…night visions are gone, etc. 

Wedding planning place, dress shop, tux shop, watch shop.  Any watches left?  Someone was in here but there are watches left.  We search! 

Hidden in the supply closet Bob finds a box of Space Rolexes…3rd Imperium vintage, mint condition, original packages.  We have 24 watches worth 12-30k each.  “By the Watchmaker to His Royal Emperor Strefon”.  Someone set these aside to grab.

As we approach City Hall we notice bodies on the steps.  We each take a body and search…15, 16, 22, 26, 15.

Bob:  Ship’s jumpsuit – SS Carvex.  Burn holes like this guy got shot with lasers.  Guy was unarmed. 

Osler:  Dead cop.  Weapon and ammo is gone.  Cuffs and stun baton are present.  Osler loots these.  His head was bashed.

Sellie:  Gentleman in a suit – hard to say how good – laser burns.  No weapon. 

Lucas:  Dead cop.  He looks to have fallen out of a window…he is smashed up.  Weapons and utility belt are gone.

Jina:  Civilian woman wearing work clothes, not sure what she died of.  She had one arm stretched out like she was reaching forward when she died. 

Doors are hanging askew like they were blown up. 

The other bodies also show laser burns, bullet holes, and explosive damage. 

The SS Carvex was a starship.

We head into the building – large foyer filled with signs of battle.  Several overturned and burned cleaning bots.  Signs of explosives, gunfire, and laser shots….Search 29 – there are some drones about a meter across that work on antigrav technology, and they’re armed.  Some maniac put weapons into these drones.  Looks like flechette weaponry – these were TL 13-14 antipersonnel drones. 

T computer (20) and K History (18) – Bob and Sellie had never seen anything like this, but automated killing drones normally didn’t have antipersonnel weaponry like this…but vampire ships *would* build these.  Whatever created this was a true monster. 

We probably can’t take these but could nab some sensors.  Lucas will maybe rip these apart later. 

3 levels in the mayor’s office.  1st level is general bureaucracy stuff.  This is in poor shape – lots of combat to say the least.  Now that we look around, there were a lot of flechettes fired into here.

Looking around, another dead drone, several dead cops, and anyone with a gun had it taken. 

When we open the back door, a pile of bodies sags out into the hallway.  Interior of the door is blackened by fire.  Hinges are warped.  There is some kind of bot with a single turret laying on its side in the hallway.  Some kind of flamerbot is disabled here.  There are at least seven dead cops in front of this door.  Looks like someone tossed an advanced anti-machinery weapon at the bot and it went off too close.  A lot of people died defending this door but given the damage on the other side, it didn’t matter.  (that was back in the utility hallway area).

2nd floor, deputy mayor’s office, finance, and other higher-end bureaucracy.  Office of Citizen’s Rights is in here too…this floating city was a democracy.  Less signs of damage – some flechette rounds and a couple dead cops in the open area, but no explosives, no pitched battle, etc. 

We’ll go through all the offices.  Deputy Mayor – door is stuck (swings in) – it’s metal with plasti-wood veneer.  We cut a couple peepholes…dead guy near the door but not against it. 

We smash the door open and find someone welded it shut.  We search…City directory data chips, TL 15 plasma cutter/welder…it’s the size of a maglight, but it’s rechargeable.  The guy laying down is in a suit and has a dried up bottle of whiskey and some pills—high end anti-anxiety meds.  Based on the number left, dude took 2/3 of them. 

Some books, personal effects, remains of his handcomp – it was stomped into many bits.  His terminal is also smashed. 

The memory chips – all personal stuff (pics, notes, letters, videos, etc.) on one and the other one has a single video on it.

Jina:  Ready to be depressed?  Push play!

“If you’re watching, someone survived.  The virus survived and most of the cities are on the bottom.  We survived but then the vampire came.  I don’t think the navy will make it in time – if there is a Navy.  It poisoned so many people.  We didn’t know it was here until too late and we can’t resist.  Nothing more we can do – anyone who drank the water is dying!  There’s something coming from the other cities that’s making it impossible to feed ourselves and the vampire will be back.  The mayor is dead and we watched the up-port crash into the ocean.”

We go to the mayor’s office to find a blast zone.  We found the remains of a smaller, lighter drone…T Mech 30 – it’s not made well…this is all cheap stuff.  It exploded from the inside out – it was a flying bomb. 

This area is absolutely destroyed.  One of the walls is an etching of the city – much more detailed than the tourist map. 

25 levels down is “lower detention”.  It looks to be below C-quadrant. 

We are all done in City Hall and head for Computer Ops – front doors are smashed…and suddenly a bullet ricochets!

V:  Stop right where you are!  What do you want?

S:  I’m Professor Jackson on a research project from the University of Eddum.

V:  If you don’t want to be an ex-professor, turn around and leave.

Osler:  Why?

V:  I’ll shoot you.

S:  Out of curiosity, how long do you plan to be here?

V:  Fuck you, this is our claim.

J:  Are you hiding from the drones?

S, to himself:  This is obvious…he’s from the other salvage company.  (Shiny Scrappers)

S:  Before I leave, do you have a (type of machine) lying around over there?

V:  Why?

S:  I’m doing research and I wanted to check some data before I transport it back to the university of Eddum.  We aren’t interested in your claim.

V:  Don’t move.

After a couple minutes we hear a different voice.  “You’re looking for a data reader?”

S:  Yes, of course.  We found some tax records and things that are important for historical records.

Can we rent one?  This isn’t a rental center.

S:  This place will hit the bottom of the ocean.

V2:  We’re scrappers – it’s for sale. 

Jina tosses her new bracelet to Sellie.

Sellie:  How about this bracelet?  Full of jewels…

A guy with a ship suit labeled “Nu-Gua” comes over and checks it.

V2:  And you just want a reader?  I’ve got one, but two conditions – stay out of the data center, and stay away from our starship.  Sim Holt said he detected lifeforms in one of the arrival departure bays. 

We apologize for disturbing their ship.  He pockets the bracelet and in a bit a woman of 40 wheels out a datareader for us. 

J:  Pleasure doing business with you.  Anything else we should avoid to stay out of your way?

V2:  Just stay out of the data center.

Spot for Sellie – 16.  He think he saw a dot flash on the guy’s chest.  He doesn’t say anything.  All of those guys have IR goggles.

We wrestle the reader out to our stuff and get it onto the cart.  Eventually we just pile the cartridges into the reader because it’s easier to move (but heavier). 

We are well away from the data center…and make sure to do that. 

We move into C-sector…there’s a bank on the way.  We go in to look – chandelier is on the floor.  Signs of combat fill the room. 

Cash drawers are empty.  Head towards the vault and it appears to be sealed as vaults normally are.  This is smaller than the last vault door we cracked.  We’ll need explosives and/or a heavy-duty cutting torch. 

“The glop tastes worse when you shit into the fusion still”

The bank’s not super-defensible but it would be convenient for dragging a drone back.  We will butcher part of the drones and haul the bits out, then head for Sector C. 

“How to field dress a drone”

We get into Sector C which is largely residential.  We break into a house, move the bodies into a spare room, and crash for the night. 

Individually, Bob tells us we have a tail – the laser on the guy’s chest.  Either it’s his boys preparing to shoot us, and they’re tailing us.

We discuss whether we were being followed, or are being followed, etc.  We’ll find out.

We check the datareader – T Computer 23 – seems to diagnose properly…they didn’t screw us on a part. 

Sellie fires it up and it says, “Computer not found”.

Bob tries to use his handcomp and hooks it up to the datareader.  T Comp 15 – Data reader is infected…the virus doesn’t have any personality other than to reproduce, and the handcomp’s firewall is enough to block it. 

Sellie peruses the data…terabytes of data 9 centuries deep.  From a historical perspective, this is fascinating but useless. 

Where does Prof Wimpfheiner live?  3 levels down from here, and we have a property listing.  Any other info?  Well, most of the structure belongs to the city…we do find the lower detention level where we expected.  Below it is city-owned and labeled “Hardened storage”.  Not necessarily “Secure holding facility” but this is just a tax record. 

Going to the Professor’s area will be out of the way – we’ll need to get out to the edge.  He doesn’t have a view but he’s close. 

Well, we could look for bicycles…light rail will be out of service.

Jina goes looking for more bicycles and jewelry with Osler.  The disturbing part was the rows of dead people in the park – hundreds of them killed by flechette wounds.  Some of them were choked; some have no signs of death. 

We fix up the bicycles and can drag the cart down the street. 

We take our watches and rest for the night.  Nothing happens.  Listen:   best is 21 (3 of ‘em).

Morning – fresh goop.  Plasma cutter says it’s fully charged.  And it works pretty well!  It’s not perfect but still great. 

We go down two levels.  Sellie will pull the cart; Bob will “pilot” the grav cart.  We ride down the light rail track.  Bob comes perilously close to the bike a few times, but doesn’t actually run into Sellie.  This is stupid but still *much* faster. 

We come to his house…and that has allegedly been secured.  Doorbell is out.  Blinds are closed. Lucas breaks us into the door.  No autoturrets.  There is a folding chair near the door.  There is some kukhree art on the wall near the door…might be valuable.  Lucas checks it but realizes it’s shrunken down to fit – their hoofprints aren’t that large. 

Jina:  When the hell did you learn that?

We toss the house looking for information.  One bedroom has been converted into an office.   Search 31…we find a locked drawer which Lucas opens and contains a sealed box with a data cartridge.  In the bedroom 3500 credits of jewelry. 

Datacartridge contains notes and research on the Amagaldene Hoop.  He’s got a few notes…highlights are:  any powersource put through it is extinguished.  Anything biological or organic is degraded back to atoms (he drops a vegetable through it and black powder passes out).  Power cells die…this thing is really dangerous.  As an experiment they locked it into a reactor and moved it through the plasma, and it extinguished the core.  The heat, temperature, and warping did not affect the Hoop at all.  The Hoop could not be bent.  It is nonreactive to anything he could find and does not conduct electricity.  It reflects light and allows lasers to pass through it.  No one knows where the energy goes – it defies physics.  No indication of what it does or any other artifact that duplicates its function.  Flames will pass through it.  Plasma will not pass through it.  This difference doesn’t make sense.  He has no idea that this is for…too small to eat a reactor, too small for a lot of things, and too dangerous to have around.  One contemporary claimed it was a funerary ring – it reduces the dead quite nicely to black, carbonaceous ash. 

One student accidentally slipped carrying it and lost half his hand…it had to be regrown and was very painful.  There are also notes about it being paired with another device and the extermination of suns.  The professor could not find any facts about this, just folklore.  If there were records, they were expunged or hidden by the Vilani who tend to do that about artifacts of the Ancients. 

Nothing about the Morson’s Ball. 

Meanwhile Bob’s out with the datareader and sees nothing.

From here we can go down without going back to the city center.  What about our tracks?  Well, many of us have Survival but not a ton of it. 

To see if we’re being followed, we have to go loot another house. 

Sellie asks us to wait and says he needs to do research…and finds the richest house on the street.  It’s 2.5 blocks away.  We stash the sled in the garage.  Bob hides in a second floor window and will wait. 

Worst Bluff is 11…best is 24. 

Bob’s Hide is 20. 

We get to our target…metal security screen door.  Lucas pops it easily once he fires up his plasma cutter.  Sellie trashes the door and we get in.  Two dead people in the middle of the entryway. 

We find a First-Imperium funerary vase that someone filled with flowers and sand.  Might even be legit. 

Bob’s Spot 18 – he saw a flicker in the center of the boulevard.  A brief flicker of IR that went away.  It’s weird, like something cycled through a spectrum. 

Bob – do I flash my light to find him? 

Steve:  Good question for next week! 

500 XP

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