ou’re such an asshole, Walsh. If you didn’t want to tell me you should just have said so.

We went into the NeverNever, found the Konique, and were told to find the Summer and Winter Knights. No pressure. Turns out they're in Arizona, which seems to qualify as "not San Francisco" except for the fact that they're concealed from their Ladies and could get back to SF in a couple steps if they use the ways. Looks like we better check it out.

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Rules Adjudication #2

Here are a few rules we will be following for the Dresden Files Roaring Twenties game.  

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Do we want to find him/her/it or not?

We fixed up our characters and were assigned a side quest (?) by the Editor of the Call - things may be afoot with the Styf that could make the upcoming transition a bit hairy. Or, will the Styf's missing assistant actually make things worse?

Zech also met Fernando Ortega, the head of the Red Court in town. They're leaving for Oakland for a bit...coincidence or not?

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Rules Adjudication #1



Can you tag/invoke a consequence, as you would tag/invoke an aspect, for a re-roll rather than for the usual and customary +2?

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